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Our Rooms

Weka Room (Infants)

In the Weka room, we aim to create strong, trusting relationships with our infants. Our teachers and parents/whānau establish strong relationships with each other, as well as constantly communicating to follow each child’s individual routine similar to home.

We encourage a calm and respectful environment where we engage in peaceful rituals and routines. The classroom is a stable, consistent and predictable environment where infants can explore and play at their own pace.

As we care for your child, we provide them with a wide variety of learning experiences including messy sensorial play, heuristic play, dancing with music and opportunities to develop their gross motor skills and confidence in the natural outdoor environment.

'What infants need is the opportunity and time to take in and figure out the world around them' Magda Gerber

Kea Room (Toddlers)

In our Kea room we have a team of enthusiastic, caring, and both experienced and qualified teachers who strive to build strong, reciprocal relationships with children and their whānau. We believe in creating an environment where independence is fostered and children are empowered to challenge themselves – in a safe environment. 

We have a wide range of age appropriate resources that create fun and challenging learning experiences, developing and extending social and communication skills while stimulating all senses. Our programme is driven from our knowledge of where the children are currently at with their interests and learning. We believe in the importance of outside play, encouraging exploration and curiosity. Knowing how energetic and ‘on the move’ toddlers are - we are able to play and explore in our large outside space every day.

We aim to create an environment where routines are seen as rituals – we want to make nappy change, toilet training, meal and sleep times pleasant, calm and enjoyable experiences for all – while giving our toddlers ownership, choice and plenty of opportunities to further develop their self-help skills and independence.

'The relationship is all - it's a matter of life to the child' Dr Emmi Pikler

Kahu Room (Preschool)

Our preschool room, The Kahu Room, caters for children from 3-5 years of age. We have a team of very enthusiastic, caring and qualified teachers who all have different strengths and interests. We all believe in creating positive, reciprocal relationships with our children and their whānau.

Respect forms the basis of our teaching and learning. This comes in many forms. From subtle reminders to care for belongings to bigger projects working on discovering social boundaries and understanding feelings (whether meeting individual or group needs).

We value curiosity and as a team we have the expertise, low ratios and flexibility to be able to follow through with each individual child’s passion and interests and quest for knowledge.

We love to explore. Learning can manifest itself in many ways, the priority being children’s interests, but also we value our our own passions and strengths and happily present the children with opportunities to develop interests in science, the arts, the outdoors and creating (anything from design to creating fun and exciting food).

We love nature. Our extensive veggie garden, big playground and nature exploration programme (Kanuka Kids) are examples of some of the ways we get actively involved in nature.

Being involved in our community is also important to us. Having assets like our Riverside Van allows us many opportunities to be hands on e.g. we go out and visit local farms to experience shearing/ tractor rides/ farm life. We frequently visit the local sawmill, finding out what happens to ‘farmed’ trees and replenishing our building materials. We visit the library, art exhibitions, even the supermarket. Just watch for our little people in high viz vests out and about in the community.

Our teaching team are professional, passionate and genuinely treasure children, their unique and enthusiastic approach to life and believe strongly in encouraging a lifelong habit of curiosity and learning.

'Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury, play is a necessity' Kay Redfield Jamison